Enhanced Crystal Services

These are enhanced services that offer significantly more power and flexibility to the schools learning environment.

*BYOD: BYOD is a suite of services that support BYOD.
# BYOD register- where users register their devices and when approved are automatically populated on their school wireless system allowing immediate and password free yet secure access.
# Software Update where BYOD users can preload their software in a secure manner.
# Kete which scans and manages a device inventory of the devices on each schools network.
# Job Management. A full ticketed Job management system where BYOD devices repairs and maintenance can be managed.
Cost: Free although local configuration work may attract a cost.
Status: Fully operational
Link: https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

Identifies and generates the documentation needed for effective Chromebooks management.
Cost: Free
Status:Beta (Operational but still tuning)

*Crystal Roam: ed.
Crystal Roam places a common WLan (wireless connection) into every Crystal school. This means that any user within range of another Crystal school can get get free and fast access. The users 'home' school provides the identity access via Crystal Roam. Over time it is hoped to join Eduroam (the tertiary wireless roaming service)
Cost: Unknown until service is reinstated
Status: Developed but offline waiting for the completion of the N4L transition project.
Link: https://TOSIroam.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

*EdSerf: EdSerf is a large virtual server farm owned and managed by three of the Nelson Colleges. EdSerf is a distributed server farm connected by both the N4L and NTL layer 2 network. Other schools from any location can lease space from EdSerf in a variety of ways.
Cost: School will need to negotiate directly with EdSerf. Costs for a full hosted server tends to be from $110/month. This service may need Remote Access (see below)
Status: Fully operational
Link: https://edserf.crystal.school.nz - not populated by EdSerf as yet.

*Hosted LDAP or Serverless schools: Smaller school (rolls <500) can share a hosted server with other Crystal schools. This server manages logons and security. In effect they school get the advantage of full blown server farm at a fraction of the cost (aka free). This enables participating schools to go 'serverless' thus saving $thousands a year.
Cost: Free
Status: Fully operational
https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

*File Services: Serverless schools (aka Hosted LDAP) school tend to store all their users information on either Google or 365.
However these schools feel uncomfortable storing personal or confidential information on Google or other shared server farm.
In response Crystal offers a free secure, confidential and fully backedup up storage environment for such information.
Cost: Setup cost $50-$100 (see remote access below). Free but may attract a surcharge for storage beyond 100 megs.
May require Remote Access (see below) if access is needed from outside the school.
Status: Fully operational
Backup is by EdSerf(shadowcopy and mirrored across several location) and Crystal (Backup to a another geographic location)
Link: https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

Kaitiaki (Lost devices)
The tracking and locating of networked devices.
Status: Operational
General Link: Kete tab on http://identity.crystal.school.nz
Specialised link: http://kaitiaki.crystal.school.nz

Status: Fully operational
Link: http://www.crystal.school.nz/Crystal/Kete.htm

*N4L Remote Access
Cost: Free
Service: A SSO service
Status:Operational but may require tuning on a school basis

*Papercut: Fuji Xerox has integrated with Crystal Identity to provide Photocopy and Print management with a minimum of administration effort. Once installed, every user in Crystal Identity will automatically exist in our print management software providing the ability to report on usage, manage costs and integrate advanced features such as Follow-Me Print
Cost: Setup cost free- except if a Print server is required (second hand) . Free usage
Status: Fully operational
Link: Notes - registered schools only

*Tunnels (VPN and GRE): Some clouds and associated services are vulnerable to being compromised while the traffic is in transit. Crystal offers a secure tunneling service that secures this type of traffic and is especially useful for anywhere/anytime access.
Cost: Setup cost $50-$100 per tunnel. Free usage
Status: Fully operational
Link: https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

*SAN: Crystal also offers a ICT support service for its schools that cover all the normal work ICT support contractors are responsible for.SAN specialises in supporting remote and small schools where normal ICT companies find it uneconomic to contract.
Cost: Jobs are tracked, managed and costed through the job management system (see below). Charge out rate is dependent of the required skill level.
Status: Fully operational
Link: https://SAN.crystal.school.nz

* Technical and shared Learning Centres: Technical are where contributing schools share a common central specialised learning resource.
Crystal pulls provisioning data from those contributing schools.
Status: Fully operational

*Wireless provisioning: Crystal provisions the schools wireless system- no passwords but full accounting.
The service was 'de powered' for the N4L transition but is now being re assembled for the new operating environment.
Status: Being reinstated
Link: https://iwireless.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

*Weathermap: A Gui based SNMP based network monitoring service
Status: Operational as requested
Link: https://weathermap.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

*Wrangler: The ICT history and configuration of the schools network is fully documented.
This makes remote support effective and easy.
Status: Fully operational
Link: https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only

Supporting services
These services are free and offer support to other core Crystal services

AD Management: A web based interface with AD networks that enables a simplified anytime/anyhow approach.
Status: Fully operational
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

Checklist: A simple monitored checklist that enables a E learning manager to ensure the school is prepared for a digital learning environment.
Status: Currently under revision.
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

Crystal tools: A set of tools that enable diagnostics to be dome on a schools Internet interface.
Status: Fully operational

Digital Hubs: A collection of hub projects around New Zealand. Advice can also be offered.
Status: Fully operational but still under development.

Disk Imaging (Windows Distribution service): Schools can image their Windows and Linux computer from a selection of Crystal images.
A fast and easy to fix or rebuild a computer.
Status: Fully operational

Enhanced AD provisioning: AD fields can be directly populated from Crystal. (home drive, logon script, demographic data, email address etc)
Status: Fully operational
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

EPIC: A easy access to EPIC databases without the requirement of passwords.
Status: Fully operational but it is expected that N4L will take over this service - in time..

Job Management: A full school based Job management system.
Status: Fully operational
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

N4L web filtering:
A granular web content filtering and monitoring system
See launch menu
Status: developmental
(http://www.n4l.co.nz/managed network/web filtering)

Papercut (Print Management): A free print management system for small schools thus enabling an easier BYOD environment.
Status: Operational
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

Password Management: A full password management system that enhances SSO but also includes 365, Chromebooks, Outlook, and other systems (Does NOT include Smartnet or OSX password management)
Status: Fully operational
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

Software: Applications, Resources and Tools: BYOD and TELA laptop users can securely load or update school registered software.
Uploads and managed and reported upon.
See Launch menu. Status L3 users able to configure this function.
Status: Fully operational
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

Launch Menu: A roaming profile that follows the user ... often used to replace Googles 'start' page.
Status: Under development
(https://launch.crystal.school.nz - all schools but registered schools only have been tuned to their needs)

RSS feed: A Crystal RSS feed and web based update site.
Status: Fully operational

Staff Management: A snap on module for your SMS that manages staff information for big schools. Police checks, PD records etc.
Status: Limited number of schools.
(https://identity.crystal.school.nz - registered schools only)

An automatic and roaming warless system.
Status: Operational
Link: http://TOSIroam.crystal.school.nz

Weathermap-Crystal: A Crystal weathermap that display outages, traffic patterns and other information.
Status: Operational

Weathermap-school: A local school weathermap that display core outages, traffic patterns and other information.
School is able to configure locally to increase coverage to whole school and environment.
Status: Operational
Link: See Launch menu.